Ways to Increase Leverage on CVEX

May 29, 2024

Leverage in trading is like using a magic magnifying glass that lets you play bigger in the market with less money. On CVEX, a trading platform, we take this tool to the next level, offering unique ways to use leverage safely and effectively. Whether you're starting small or aiming big, our platform gives you the power to stretch your trading dollars further, opening up new opportunities to grow your investments. Dive into the world of CVEX and discover how you can boost your trading strategies with our advanced leverage options.

The Specifics of Leverage

Leverage on the Crypto Valley Exchange (CVEX) is a dynamic tool that magnifies your trading power, allowing you to control a larger market position with a proportionately smaller amount of capital. At CVEX, leverage is calculated using a sophisticated Value-at-Risk (VaR) model, which assesses the worst expected market exposure over one day at a 99% confidence level. Typically, traders can access leverage ranging from 5x to 9x for cryptocurrencies.

Simply put, leverage in trading works much like using a lever to lift a heavy object — it amplifies your ability to operate in the market with less effort. For instance, with a 10x leverage, you could handle $10,000 worth of assets with just $1,000. While this increases potential profits, it also heightens the risks since losses are similarly magnified.

To enhance your trading experience and give you more control, we’re planning to introduce customizable leverage options in the near future. These include a user-friendly slider that allows you to adjust your leverage levels easily and align with your trading strategy and risk tolerance. Whether you prefer conservative trading or seek higher exposure, these new tools are designed to make leverage adjustment straightforward and tailored to your needs.

Advanced Leverage Options and Hedging

At CVEX, advanced leverage options open up strategic possibilities, particularly in hedging. Hedging involves balancing positions across assets that are related or correlated, like pairing a long position in Bitcoin with a short position in Ethereum. This strategy can effectively reduce risk and allow for higher leverage levels.

For experienced traders managing complex, well-balanced portfolios, leverage can reach up to an astonishing 150x and higher. This high degree of leverage is made possible through meticulous risk management and a deep understanding of market dynamics. It allows seasoned traders to maximize their market influence and potential returns without tying up large amounts of capital. Essentially, by using advanced hedging strategies and leveraging correlated assets, traders can amplify their trading power significantly on the CVEX platform.

Safety Measures and Platform Stability

CVEX prioritizes safety with stringent protocols, particularly through the Value at Risk (VaR) model. This model helps manage the risks associated with leverage by predicting potential market exposures with a high degree of confidence. It ensures traders maintain enough collateral to cover potential losses, safeguarding against market volatility.

To keep our platform stable and secure, CVEX regularly updates and refines leverage ratios and trading specifications. These continuous improvements are crucial for adapting to market changes and maintaining the security of all traders. By diligently monitoring and adjusting our strategies, CVEX provides a reliable and secure trading environment.


On the CVEX testnet, traders can experiment with leverage without the worry of liquidation. This risk-free environment is perfect for both new and experienced traders to explore and understand how leverage works in real market conditions, without any financial risk. The testnet serves as an excellent training ground to practice different trading strategies and see how various levels of leverage impact trade outcomes.

Leverage is a powerful tool on CVEX that offers significant opportunities to amplify potential returns. However, it also requires careful management to avoid substantial losses. Traders are encouraged to use the advanced leverage options available on CVEX responsibly. By understanding and respecting the power of leverage, traders can effectively enhance their trading effectiveness while managing risk.