CVEX Testnet v1.115.1 Is Live

June 4, 2024

It's been over a month since the last major update, and we can't wait to share what we've been working on since then. 

Deployment Success on Sepolia Stylus Testnet

We have successfully deployed a set of our smart contracts to the Stylus Testnet on Sepolia. They will be integrated as soon as Stylus releases as part of Sepolia Testnet.  As we are one of the first to do so, this is a huge step forward for the smooth operation and expansion of the Stylus ecosystem!

You can join us in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by voting for the Stylus team here: AIP: Activate Stylus and Enable Next-Gen WebAssembly Smart Contracts (ArbOS 30).

🔔 What’s New on CVEX?

- Light Theme: By popular demand, we've added a light theme. You can apply this it in the settings to customise your interface.

- 1 connect to use them all: We've reworked the navigation, so switching between Achievements, Affiliate Dashboard, and the Trading Terminal no longer requires reconnecting your wallet.

- Email Sign-In via Wallet Connect: Thanks to @WalletConnect, we now offer an Email Sign-In option, allowing you to create a wallet using your email. This makes accessing your account even more convenient.

- Connection Status Widget: This widget indicates the difference between the last block timestamp received by a user and the user's local machine time, providing insights into blockchain issues or connection stability.

🛠️ Enhancements

- Simplified Order Placement: Placing orders is now more intuitive, with automatic amount recalculation. 

- Cancel All Orders Shortcut: We’ve added a shortcut to bulk cancel all orders, making order management more efficient.

🔧 Fixes

- We've spent a lot of time researching and fixing various bugs to improve overall performance. Your experience should now be smoother and more reliable.

Thanks for your continued support. One step closer to becoming your favourite derivatives exchange!