No Funding Fees with CVEX

April 3, 2024

Ever wondered how much you're actually paying in funding fees while trading futures? 

CVEX stands out by offering a unique benefit for traders: zero funding fees. This not only maximises your trading profits but also distinguishes CVEX from other platforms.

Understanding Funding Fees

Funding fees are periodic payments made by traders when holding open positions in perpetual futures contracts. These fees are designed to align the perpetual contract prices with the underlying asset's market price. However, they can significantly eat into your profits, especially in a highly volatile market.

Typically, funding fees are calculated based on the difference between the perpetual contract's market price and the spot price of the underlying asset. Traders on the side of the contract that pays the fee (either longs or shorts, depending on market conditions) must pay funding fees to the other side at set intervals, often every 8 hours.

How Funding Fees work on perpetual futures trading platforms

Here's a simplified example to illustrate the impact of funding fees on your trading costs:

  • On platforms like Binance, if you open a 10x leverage position with a notional value of $1,000,000, you might end up paying a substantial amount in funding fees over time. These fees will cost you approximately 18% of the position's value yearly.
  • In contrast, on CVEX, a similar futures position would incur no funding fees whatsoever. The only costs would be the low trading and operational fees, making your trading endeavors more cost-effective and profitable in the long run.

This stark difference showcases how CVEX can lead to significant savings for traders, enhancing the appeal of futures trading on the platform.

By choosing CVEX, traders can enjoy the benefits of leverage and sophisticated trading strategies without the burden of funding fees, making each trade more efficient and potentially more profitable.

Case Study: CVEX vs. Binance

Funding fees significantly impact perpetual futures trading, affecting both strategies and overall profitability. Here's how CVEX distinguishes itself from platforms like Binance by using dated futures, which means eliminating funding fees totally.

Funding Fees Overview

The average funding rate for perpetual futures contracts in the market is 0.017% every 8 hours. This translates to a daily rate of 0.051% and an annual rate of 18.6%. Here we need to specify that funding fees are calculated from notional value. So if a trader opens a position with a value of $100,000 and 10x leverage, locking only $10,000 as a margin, he will pay 18% yearly from $100,000, not $10,000.

Also, please, take into account that these percentages are actual for the date we’re writing this article. Fees are changing constantly due to market conditions, so the next day fees can be bigger, let’s say 0.5%.

Comparative Analysis:

Binance Scenario:

  • Position: 10x leverage on a perpetual contract with a notional value of $1,000,000.
  • Initial Margin: $100,000.
  • Maintenance Margin: $50,000.
  • Trading Fee: $500.
  • Days till Liquidation: Considering the market's average funding rate, a position on Binance would last approximately 98 days before liquidation risks escalate, assuming constant contract value.

CVEX's Offering:

  • Position: Similar 10x futures with $1,000,000 notional value.
  • Initial Margin: $100,000.
  • Maintenance Margin: $50,000.
  • Trading Fee: Just $30.
  • Operational Fee: A negligible $0.3.
  • Funding Fee: Absolutely none, providing substantial cost savings.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Choosing CVEX over Binance for futures trading means:

  1. Saving $470 directly on lower trading fees.
  2. Dramatically reducing costs by avoiding the 18.6% yearly drain from notional value due to average market funding fees.

The Financial Impact of No Funding Fees on Traders

Trading on CVEX comes with a distinct financial advantage that directly influences profitability – the absence of funding fees. This peculiarity can significantly affect traders' long-term outcomes, offering a more sustainable trading environment.

Benefits of No Funding Fees:

  • Enhanced Profitability. Without the burden of funding fees, traders retain a larger portion of their earnings, directly boosting profitability.
  • Long-Term Sustainability. The savings from not paying funding fees compound over time, making trading strategies more sustainable in the long run.
  • Competitive Edge. Traders on CVEX enjoy a competitive advantage, as they can operate with thinner margins, allowing for more flexible and aggressive trading strategies.


Choosing CVEX for futures trading presents a pivotal shift towards cost-efficient trading practices. By eliminating funding fees, CVEX stands out as an unparalleled choice for traders and organisations aiming to enhance their financial performance in the volatile crypto market.

The financial landscape of futures trading is evolving, with CVEX leading the charge towards a more equitable and cost-effective trading environment. By choosing CVEX, traders unlock a pathway to enhanced profitability, devoid of the burden that funding fees impose on traditional platforms.

Dive into a trading experience where efficiency and profitability are paramount. Explore CVEX today and discover how our unique approach to futures trading can revolutionise your financial strategy. With CVEX, you’re not just trading; you’re setting the stage for unparalleled financial growth.

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