Introducing Achievements on CVEX!

April 19, 2024

Achievements are in-app rewards, that a tester receives for a certain action in our Testnet. At the moment, there are already a few dozen Achievements available. But we will expand the list every fortnight and inform the community about it.

Here's a kicker: conditions required to get a particular Achievement are unknown. Therefore, we invite you to experiment in our trading terminal, make the most of the testnet and other marketing activities to unlock as many achieves for your account as possible.

Remember that some Achievements are given not for a single event, but for a sequence of actions or prolonged activity. So be patient to earn them all!

Why Do You Need Achievements?

Each Achievement you receive will give you three things:

  1. The joy of collecting;
  2. A reason to discuss it with your friends;
  3. Extra XP points;
  4. 👀.

No one knows how XP points will convert into real benefits for testnet users. But if you take a magic ball and ask it if it's worth getting Achievements, it will say yes. We believe in magic, how about you?

Achievements are divided into 4 levels of difficulty:

  • Common;
  • Rare;
  • Epic;
  • Legendary.

The higher the level of the achievement, the more XP points you will get for it. But the action at Legendary rank will be much harder than at Common rank, of course. 

Earning Your First Achievement

Now, let's get your first Achievement (and 20 XP points at the same time). 

Step 1. Log in to the CVEX trading terminal.

Go to our trading terminal and perform all the actions necessary to start trading (connecting your wallet and funding your test account). You can read more about them in our Testnet guide: 

Step 2. Making your first transaction with futures.

Now you need to make your first transaction. To do this, choose any contract you are interested in, for example, BTC-28JUN24.

After that, select "Market" in the Place Order section.

Enter the amount for which you want to open a trade and click the Place Buy button.

Step 3. Check the progress and rejoice.

Voila, you should have received your first Achievement for this simple action. Go to the website and check your progress. 

Note that it may take time for the platform to credit you for the achievement, so wait a little while. If after a while, the achievement still hasn't appeared in your profile, then contact our helpful community managers in Discord.


Achievements are a great opportunity to earn extra XP points on CVEX by performing non-standard actions and having fun on our testnet. We look forward to seeing you at the top! Happy testing!

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