In-Depth Look at CVEX’s Margin Model

March 27, 2024

CVEX’s margin model stands at the forefront of risk management in the cryptocurrency trading arena, offering a nuanced approach that marries the Value-at-Risk (VaR) methodology with intelligent leverage and hedging strategies. This balanced framework aims to empower traders, providing them with the tools to navigate the market’s inherent volatility while optimising their trading outcomes.

What Is Value-at-Risk (VaR) Model?

The Value-at-Risk (VaR) model is a cornerstone of CVEX’s risk management, offering a statistical measure that quantifies the level of financial risk within a trading portfolio over a specific time frame. Our implementation, characterised by a 1-day look-ahead period and a confidence level of 99%, requires traders to maintain collateral that accounts for the worst expected market move against their positions for one out of every hundred days.

This methodology draws on historical market data, extending back to a decade, to ground our risk calculations in robust historical contexts. To ensure accuracy and relevancy, we exclude data from periods of extreme market volatility and require a minimum dataset of two years — or equivalent proxy data for newer assets — to list new instruments on the platform. This approach underscores our commitment to reliability and transparency in risk assessment.

The Usage of Strategic Leverage and Hedging

Leverage is a critical component of trading strategy, and CVEX’s margin model facilitates leverage typically within the 5x to 9x range for individual crypto assets. This leverage framework caters to various trading strategies, from conservative to more aggressive approaches.

Our platform excels in offering hedging strategies that significantly amplify leverage potential without focusing on extreme leverage points. For example, a trader might strategically pair long positions in Ethereum with short positions in Bitcoin, leveraging the interplay between these assets to potentially enhance leverage up to 15x.

This model shines particularly in options trading, where sophisticated hedging can substantially increase leverage while maintaining a balanced risk profile. We present examples where leverage is thoughtfully applied, demonstrating how traders can utilise CVEX’s tools to achieve substantial leverage through well-considered long and short positions across different cryptocurrencies and trading strategies.

Preliminary Specifications and Ongoing Adaptation

The details provided about contracts, margin/risk parameters, and fees reflect CVEX’s current vision and are intended as preliminary specifications. We recognise the importance of flexibility and adaptability in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading. As such, we reserve the right to adjust these parameters in alignment with the evolving needs of our protocol and its user community. Changes will be communicated through our official channels, emphasising our dedication to transparency and the best interests of our traders.


The CVEX margin model, rooted in the VaR methodology and enriched by strategic leverage and hedging capabilities, represents a sophisticated risk management framework tailored to decentralised finance. Our model is crafted to support traders’ journey through the crypto market, offering a blend of precision, flexibility, and safety. As CVEX continues to innovate within the DeFi ecosystem, we focus on enhancing user experience, ensuring robust risk management, and fostering a secure and dynamic trading environment.